Baby Blessing in the Cotswolds

This was such a special day for baby Margaux and her loving parents, Victoria and Matt. After a challenging time trying to conceive, their dreams finally came true and gorgeous little Margaux came into their lives. Since their families all have different beliefs and religions, they decided to hold a blessing at their stunning home in the Cotswolds. They celebrated their happiness and introduced Margaux to all different beliefs from friends and family, by reading poems, presenting a gift or simply wishing her well for her future. As guests arrived they made ivy crowns for all the ladies and little girls. It was emotional to say the least but so beautiful, especially standing in their orchard surrounded by water, swans and sunshine.

After the blessing everyone helped to plant a tree for Margaux and then went on to enjoy bubbles, homemade food and incredible cakes mades my Victoria herself. The sunny blessing ended with an exciting thunderstorm where we all took cover, got a little wet and laughed a lot.