Searching for Snap…

“Once upon a time, on a sun-drenched Autumn day, Tatiana entered into the dense green forest in search of her unique SNAP crown. Meandering through the forest, Tatiana daydreamed of attending the SNAP photography festival and all the opportunities that might be around the corner. A new adventure, an opportunity to meet new people, to think creatively and feel inspired. She glowed with optimistic energy as she finally discovered her SNAP crown in a small clearing in the forest. Hanging on a twisted branch,  the crown was just as beautiful as she imagined it would be. Placing it on her head, her mind came alive. Hours passed by in the warm sunlight as she soaked up the happiness and positive potential that surrounded her. Tatiana was amazed by how many elements of her life at that very moment connected with the SNAP theme already. She lay down on the Welsh blanket, closed her eyes and let her thoughts of SNAP run wild.

When it came time to leave, Tatiana’s SNAP crown remained firmly on her head, knowing it would guide her in the right direction and keep her dream alive of attending this incredible photography festival. Filled with anticipation, she could not wait to channel her energy into her next project and continued her onwards journey to April 2016″


Look a little closer when watching the video… you might see some hidden snaps!


I am keeping my fingers crossed as this blog post is my entry for a chance to win a place at Snap Photography Festival: This is an amazing opportunity to learn from the best and have a ridiculous amount of fun at a super exciting location, Fforest in Wales. It is a photography experience like no other and one which would give me a massive boost of inspiration and confidence. I loved doing this shoot and especially enjoyed making my first ever flower crown!


Make up: by me
Styling: by me
Photos: by me
Flower crown: by me
Model: my awesome friend Liz